How Long Does It Take for a Creditor to Sue Me?

In the most simple terms, a creditor may file a lawsuit once a default has occurred. That means, if you default on a loan, thereafter the creditor may seek a legal remedy. In reality, it’s a bit more nuanced.

First, consider the statute of limitations in California, which is four (4) years. That means, a creditor has up to four (4) years to file a lawsuit for damages. Not all creditors file lawsuits. In my experience, some of the more aggressive creditors like AmEx or Discover will bring a lawsuit in three (3) to six (6) months.

Also, consider the cost-benefit analysis. Ask yourself, what is the likelihood that a creditor will spend $2,000 to recover $500. That’s not to say that there aren’t a lot of rinky-dink collection lawsuits but perspective matters.

I see lawsuits soon after default and I see lawsuits right before the statute of limitations runs. It’s dependent on the creditor.

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